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Awarding Body

Awarding Body

Scottish Bakers (SAMB) is the Awarding Body for Bakery related SVQs in Scotland and the organisation responsible for the Approval of Centres to deliver Bakery qualifications at the levels 2 and 3

The terms and conditions of the Approved Centre Status are set out in the Scottish Bakers publication, Guide to Approval for Training Providers and Employers GA2. This guide will be issued to all prospective centres who wish to seek centre approval.

Scottish Bakers' Guide to Approval explains how applications are processed and presented to the Training and Education Committee for an approval decision.  This committee meets frequently during the year and notification of approval decisions will be conveyed to applicant organisations within one week of the meeting at which the application will be presented.

For further information please contact our Accountable Officer, Jim McCormack on or on 07734 022 645