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As the old saying goes - if you're not in it, you can't win it!

The competition launches each year in February with the support of Scottish Bakers ambassador Mich Turner MBE.

To coincide with the launch, Scottish Bakers sends all members a pack of POS materials and voting forms to display in their shops to promote the competition and encourage customers to vote.

Following the three week voting period, we notify bakers whose products have been shortlisted and invite them to bring their products along to a judging event in Dunfermline at the end of March.

Following the product section of the awards is the business awards, where we invite bakers to enter either Bakery Cafe of the Year, Craft Baker of the Year, Retail Craft Baker of the Year or Wholesale Baker of the Year.

Finally in May we present the awards at the Scottish Bakers Annual Conference and Scottish Baker of the Year Awards.  The event is held in Glasgow over two days and is a well-attended and glitzy affair.