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News - 2017


Food Standards Scotland continue to trace the distribution of eggs from farms in the Netherlands affected by Fipronil.


Food Standards Scotland continues to work closely with the Food Standards Agency and industry to trace products containing eggs from farms in the Netherlands implicated in the Fipronil investigation.


Food Standards Scotland sre continuing their urgent work to trace egg products which might contain Fipronil. In most cases the identified products were past their expiry date but those remaining are being withdrawn immediately.


Food Standards Scotland has been liaising with the Food Standards Agency regarding the investigation into the distribution of eggs contaminated with Fipronil in the UK.   


Scotland Food & Drink is pleased to announce an opportunity to meet Lidl Scotland (Buying) at their first Supplier Open Day to take place at their Scottish depot in Livingston.


The National Council of Rural Advisers which was established by The Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity, Fergus Ewing MSP,  on June 22, 2017 is developing its work plan at the moment and has invited Scottish Bakers t


The Regulations on general food labelling require most prepacked foods to be labelled with an appropriate durability date, either ‘use by’ on food that goes off quickly or ‘best before’ on frozen, dried, tinned and other foods. Many consumers report being confused by these terms which often results in edible food being wasted.


Legislation to prohibit the use of the flavouring 4,5 epoxy dec-2(trans)-enal in foods.


Unfortunately it was brought to our attention after the Scottish Baker of the Year National Awards presentation that an error had been made with regards to the Morning Roll Category. Beth Brownings Bakery of Kilwinning should have been presented with a National Gold Award for their Well Fired Roll. We sincerely apologise to the team at Beth Brownings Bakery for this mistake and that they did not receive the recognition they so deserved during the awards ceremony.