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Food Standards Scotland Update on Fipronil in Eggs

Food Standards Scotland continues to work closely with the Food Standards Agency and industry to trace products containing eggs from farms in the Netherlands implicated in the Fipronil investigation.

They have advised food businesses that products should be withdrawn from the market if the amount of egg from implicated farms is more than 15% of the product. They expect food businesses to follow this guidance or provide evidence which shows that the egg product complies with the EU maximum residue level.

The advice is considered to be proportionate in relation to this unauthorised substance in the food chain. However, people in Scotland do not need to change the way they buy or eat their eggs or egg products, as it is very unlikely that there is any risk to public health.

The ongoing investigation has identified six additional products distributed to catering outlets, but none so far have been traced to Scotland. 

The withdrawn product list can be found here