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HSE Food Manufacturing Inspections to Target Causes of Workplace Ill Health

The Health & Safety Executive has written to Scottish Bakers to give advance notice of an inspection programme in the food manufacturing industry in Scotland.

The programme of targeted inspections will review health and safety standards in food manufacturing businesses across the country before the end of March. The HSE plan to visit around 120 premises of all types including bakeries.

To clarify these inspections are separate from food hygiene inspections and HSE is working closely with FSS and local authorities to ensure that premises are not visited by more than one regulator in quick succession.

These visits form part of the recently released HSE manufacturing sector plan which prioritises the reduction of cases of occupational lung diseases and MSDs (Musculoskeletal disorders) which are the most common type of work related illness in food manufacturing. Exposure to flour dust is the second most common cause of occupational asthma. HSE inspections will focus on these two causes of ill health and will assess arrangements in place to manage and control these risks at different premises.

HSE recommends that businesses take time to refresh their knowledge of their advice and guidance which is available free on their website: