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New sourcing guide helps food and drink companies manage supply chain risk

A new guide to help food and drink companies large and small identify and manage supply chain risks as part of an approach to sustainable sourcing was been launched on 4th December 2012 by the Food and Drink Federation. Against a backdrop of climate change, rising populations, increasing demand for limited resources and changing diets there is a growing realisation across food and drink companies that building a secure and sustainable supply chain to manage these risks not only makes good business sense and meets consumer need but  can also bring with it a number of competitive advantages.


The guide, which has been developed by FDF’s Sustainability Steering Group provides a simple step by step approach to mapping the use of ingredients and utilities all the way back to source; guidance on how to understand the key risks and opportunities; tips for creating a plan of action and integration into the business.


The free guide is available on the Food and Drink Federation website at along with further resources for business.