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WRAP Guidance Consultation

The Regulations on general food labelling require most prepacked foods to be labelled with an appropriate durability date, either ‘use by’ on food that goes off quickly or ‘best before’ on frozen, dried, tinned and other foods. Many consumers report being confused by these terms which often results in edible food being wasted. Unsold food from retail and catering establishments also contribute to food waste.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is looking to reduce the amount of food wasted across the UK ( In parallel, Zero Waste Scotland is working towards a Scottish Government target for a reduction in food waste in Scotland by 2025 (

You may be aware that to assist in this work, WRAP has been working with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to update industry guidance on the application of date marking to foods and the provision of related storage and freezing advice. The current FSA/Defra industry guidance on date marking was published in 2011 and refers to outdated legislation. The new guidance aims to help reduce food waste at home and remove barriers to redistribution of surplus food from food businesses.

A public consultation has now been issued by WRAP to seek comments on the draft guidance which may be accessed using the following link:

WRAP are particularly interested in hearing from large and small food businesses from the retail and hospitality and foodservice sectors, food producers and manufacturers, those involved in the redistribution of surplus food and those responsible for enforcement of food safety regulations.

Food Standards Scotland wanted to ensure that you were aware of this consultation and would encourage you to contribute your views on the draft guidance. Please send your responses directly to WRAP before the closing date 3 August 2017.